Graco Stroller

Graco Stroller

Graco Stroller Coupon 2015


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As the self-proclaimed leading manufacturer of juvenile products throughout the world, Graco is a renowned American-based manufacturer of strollers as well as a full line of internationally respected baby products. With a long list of stroller models to accommodate every lifestyle, Graco strollers are best classified as mid-to higher-end strollers.


Graco Stroller Coupon 2015

Graco’s strengths in stroller design include their popular travel systems (such as the Graco CoachRider Chauffeur), their equally popular full-sized strollers (the Graco Quattro, Graco MetroLite) and some of their two-seated strollers (Graco’s DuoGlider and DuoRider). Although parents frequently purchase a Graco as their first stroller—perhaps, because of brand familiarity, once their child/ren gain enough weight and mobility, most parents default to another name brand for a second lighter weight stroller.

In terms of overall performance, Graco’s strollers are fairly solid and safe, although there are more reports of minor breakdowns, for Graco’s more “affordable” models, than in their “luxury” models. Comparatively speaking, Graco does not make it into “the most durable stroller” category, of some higher-end manufacturers. Most parents are quite satisfied with their Graco strollers, but tend to have some minor complaints against their stroller—frequently related to the bulk of the stroller or squeaky wheels.

By in large, Graco strollers run between $100 and $200, excluding some of Graco’s newer model two-seaters and more luxurious travel systems. Graco also sells a limited number of lightweight strollers for under $100, but they tend to be slightly more flimsy. Graco’s customer service and support functions at about the same level as their strollers: generally fine with some minor breakdowns in quality.

Today, Graco continues its tradition of innovation, with products like the imonitor™ Digital Baby Monitor and the compact folding Contempo™ Highchair. In 1998, Graco proudly acquired Century Car Seats, combining two of the most respected brand names in baby products, and leading to innovative products like the TurboBooster® SafeSeat™ (Step 3) youth booster car seat. Today, Graco is a Newell Rubbermaid™ company, with 1500 associates worldwide. While a half-century has brought many changes to Graco, the dedication and commitment to designing and manufacturing top-quality products—products that inspire parents and babies alike—remains, and continues on.

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